Posted by: chrisbatz | February 17, 2009

the Tension

Have you ever felt the Tension?

I forget sometimes that it is there….
I am really a broken and sinful person…
And sometimes forget that too…
And in that condition and reality… there’s a
tension that He wants us to remain in….
If we so choose to partner with Him in
prayer and acts of service in humility.
Its the tension of being confronted with our own
condition, but knowing He’s loves us still as we
seek the blessing of others, the place of humility/authority
for intercession all the while receiving His mercy and grace.
This tension I speak is not stress nor anxiety. Its a check in our
spirits. Its a gut reality of how close we are to His wrath and judgment
because of our sinful nature and tendencies, but how fortunate we are
to partner with Him in calling down Heaven. It is a trembling
and a fear of the Lord. This tension is a gift if we choose to accept the
reality of His love.
Ever felt that?

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