Posted by: chrisbatz | February 19, 2009


We are using a midwife for our first child to come.

This has been such an exciting and rewarding experience and to learn the natural way people have been giving birth for centuries. I am finding that these ladies have gotten the real shaft by the Western world medical industry basically since the 1930’s or 40’s thanks to the almighty dollar and political interest groups.

When Cristina and I first met our midwife (I was sceptical coming in), but amazed coming out… pun intended. Ha!

So I never imagined the birthing experience to be an incredible encounter with the Living God… go figure. I mean Cristina will encounter the Cross and revelations of the Man, Jesus in ways that I never will because she has chosen to surrendur herself to the natural way of birthing, painful yes, But His grace and strength is sufficient to bring her through it as well as a beautiful new life… God loves families and created our bodies to truly commune with Him in ways that we as Westerns just try to avoid and flee from like pain.

I am so excited for Cristina…. and I am so proud of her to choose and want this route…


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