Posted by: chrisbatz | March 24, 2009

Update: Hope Fulfilled

Good morning friends and family,

I wanted to declare the goodness of the Lord!

Yersterday was a notable day of the Lord’s goodness and blessing… One that will be in our family chronicles for our children and grandchildren.

“O Lord, we have waited for You; the desire of our soul is for Your name and for the remembrance of You.” Isaiah 26:8

To catch you up, I was let go Friday March 13th from the small business I worked for 6 months and 2 weeks. Cristina and I had a strange and fun peace about it mixed with excitement and your typical fear. That weekend along with our baby coming (due in 17 days) and the coming Spring is the dawning of a new chapter in our lives and marriage. Financially, Cristina and I have been living on the edge of faith since we were married (7/18/08)… two things that put us there, getting pregnant immediately and our house in Indiana needing to be sold.The house especially has put a significant strain on our finances.

1) So yesterday Cristina applied for medicaid for her and the baby… and we now do not have to pay the $3,000 delivery bill we have saved up for. The government has paid the tab and the Lord will get the credit. Incredible! We previously did not qualify because of my job.

2) After our house being on the market 2-3 weeks with several viewings already our first bidder on the house, yesterday we’ve come to an acceptable agreement after 2-3 back and forth offer/counter offers. That whole process is a cool story and the Lord honored our requests with the buyer. So the Lord told me last Fall in the middle of the financial struggle He would sell the house. So He provided us a very reliable short-term renter who would carry us through the winter. I knew this renter’s destiny was tied with ours because he is actively looking for a house to buy as well. But I knew the Lord would provide him a home at the same time as we would sell the house. I want to declare He is a promise keeping God. The renter and his family have a contract on a house and will be moving out 1-2 weeks before our house will be given over to the new owners.

The faithful Father is really in the details because what matters to us matters to Him. He’s not afraid to relate to our hearts. He has grieved with us as we have grieved this last Fall, and He rejoices with us as we are so thankful and declare His faithfulness. When times are so tough all we can do is Hope in God. Truly believe that He is altogether good and declare it to the despair and unbelief that wants to plague our lives. Recall His goodness and place your hope in Him. (Lamentations 3:21-26) I have been reminded recently that truly God is enough for all circumstances of life. Jesus’ blood sacrifice is enough for every ailment. (I definitely struggle with this truth last Fall.) And what Cristina and I really want is His presence… His tangible, life giving presence that pervades all life’s anxities. It brings the most treasured gifts: peace, rest, and joy.

Last night I was reminded of Psalm 21:6b a “You have made him exceedingly glad with Your presence”. I wanted to send this e-mail to let is be a testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness! Put your hope in God and learn about how good and faithful He is. Read the Word and seek Him. He so loves to be in our presence. I love you all! May the Lord bless you with His presence! May the revelation of His goodness and faithfulness make you ache with joy and thanksgiving. May you have grace to seek Him and read His Word… it is Spirit, Truth, and Life.

Chris n’ Cristina (Ellie and baby Madeline)

Ps. By His mercy, Cristina and I are leaping into self-employment or rather God-employment. Its His burden to provide for this family and my responsibility to trust Him, to love my family, and follow my heart in business. More to come…



  1. Glad to here it man. Love you guys.

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