Posted by: chrisbatz | April 24, 2009

Meet Madeline Elisha Batz

Madeline 3

I am hungry

I am hungry

I am cute and know it.

I am cute and know it.

The Lord is so faithful!!  What an amazing gift new life is…! Thank you Father!

So here she is! Meet Madeline Elisha Batz, born 4:58pm Thursday 4/23/09 6lbs 10oz 19″ at Mercy and Truth Medical Missions Birth Center in Kansas City, KS.  Madeline is the cutiest new born in KC! It was amazing her color and activity/responsiveness when she was born.  She’s such a coo-er and keeps everyone just glowing. Cristina, Carol, and I are re-cooperating over at Shawnee Mission Medical. Mommie lost some blood and needed to get a re-fill. We should be home tomorrow/ Saturday 4/24. 

We wanted to say thanks for the team of Midwives and nurses over at Mercy and Truth. They have more than just a medical company and but a mission from the Lord for life! Thank you for your committment to the gift of life as God designed!

Click on this album for more Madeline pictures. Also mommie Cristina pictures will be up soon also.

Madeline Elisha Batz


  1. Congrats to the newly expanded Batz family! Madeline is so adorable! Peace, health, rest, and grace upon you in the transitions of the days ahead. We love you!

    –The Pulvers

  2. What a doll! I’ll be praying for you all as you transition to home.

  3. Yippie!!!!!!

  4. She’s beautiful. Congrats!!!!

  5. I am watching these videos again and am so
    happy for you all. Nothing surprises us all more than the love we find we have in us when a baby
    comes into our lives. It is truly one of God’s greatest gifts!
    I hope we get to see you soon, and I might get a
    chance to hold Miss Madeline.
    Love to all,

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