Posted by: chrisbatz | August 16, 2009

Where are the presence carriers?

In my travels, studies, and observations of humanity and the heavenly, this question rests upon my spirit: “What must we do to usher in the blessing of Heaven, presence of God, the Kingdom of God?”

Where are those who have chosen the crucified life, where are those who have considered themselves nothing, where are those who have yielded themselves to the humbling processes, times and seasons of the Lord, where are those who reguarly confess their sins to one another, where are those who walk in humility and a repentant heart… there you shall find the sweet aroma of the Lord, the presence and fear of the Lord, His heart in kindness and mercy, His kingdom reality of heaven on earth with signs and wonders… there you will find a broken limping people who declare with boldness and love the knowledge of God.


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