Posted by: chrisbatz | September 26, 2009

The mystery of His nearness

Psalm 34:18 The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart,
And saves such as have a contrite spirit.

When trials and difficulities come your way, when your heart caves with sadness, confusion and perplexity, when you under go persecution of various kinds… you didn’t know how helpless you are. When you didn’t know your heart could feel that way down, when pain only has a groan, when perplexity adds more wrinkles possible, when the impossible came with an arrow…

when you know all you have are two options: abuse something to escape or rest with questions in His presence

it amazes me the gift of what appears dire and hopeless ….the trial, the pain, that person, that situation, that insolvable circumstance of inner unbelievable wow how, why did this happen…. We are really left in awe, agony and wonder…

how we are so fortunate to be given His presence, to be given Jesus… to those who choose Him.

He understands, He has felt this, He has chosen the Father over lesser things, He is a man too.

His presence, His nearness saves us from ourselves… from our destructive nature.

Its a quiet inner-ness, knowing of peace and rest, you can sit in the storm and know He’s drawn near.

Worship takes you deeper… Giving Him something when you have nothing but Him… your heart is such an offering unto Heaven. Its so precious. Tears, they are worth ever second of His time.

That is nearness.



The Cross.


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