Posted by: chrisbatz | January 5, 2010

2009/2010 Family Update

Dear friends and family,

Our 2009 was a full year! Cristina and I wanted to share a couple highlights as well as what we are seeing for 2010.

Highlights of 2009

– Answered prayer (My house in Indiana was remodeled and rented! It caused financial challenges the moment we got married)
– Incredible Travel Blessing (7 day trip to Kauai, Hawaii with the Maas family)
– Cristina is 5 months pregnant and man, is she cute!
– Unexpected blessing- I was laid off at my job. This caused the following unexpected blessings: Medicaid paid for our baby delivery bill, amazing unemployment benefits from Kansas; this all allowed me to learn about starting my own business through buying and selling. Both of us felt a peace even with the unknown future.
– A gift from the Lord!!! Madeline Elisha Batz was born at 5pm on the 23rd. 6lb 10oz 19”,\. Arriving 2 weeks late, she is so darn cute and a super happy busy baby.
– Another answered prayer (My Indiana house was listed, sold, and closed.)
– A much needed and restful 1 year anniversary trip to Houston and Galveston.
– New season- We moved to Seabrook, Texas (a suburb of Houston) to live with Cristina’s parents to pay off debt, build savings, and seek the Lord.
– Another awesome trip (Seattle, Washington for Cristina’s sisters wedding)
– By God’s grace, I sold over 100 laptops during the Christmas season, which was such an encouragement to our finances and next steps in business.

These are just the few highlights, but there are many more amazing and wonderful memories that fill in the gaps. It has been such a year of the Lord’s faithfulness and kindness over our family. It has been a year of trusting Him and seeing His hand, of learning business and hearing His heart with an open mind, of getting little sleep and sleeping when we can, of diapers, laughter, and a busy & joyful little girl.

What’s in store for 2010

So we are now members of the Clear Lake Vineyard Church community and looking where we can serve. Cristina and I will be learning how to sail. The Galveston Bay here is too gorgeous and inspiring to pass up. Madeline is crawling, sitting up, and putting everything in her mouth. She’s very active and has a lot to say. We expect speaking to come very shortly.

Cristina and I continue to have a passion for Jesus and His return, prayer, and the justice issue of abortion & human trafficking in our nation. We believe these issues are more important than ever to the Father and people on earth.

We also are feeling led to throw ourselves into business. Cristina enjoys serving her parents business, Maas Nursery, with marketing ideas and website design. New ideas for the family business and additional side business ideas like cloth diapering keeps her excited and busy on the laptop. I am looking to get a job in the international trade here in Houston and to learn the many facets of the industry. On the side, I’ll be starting micro businesses and continue buying and selling.

Deuteronomy 7 and 8 remain to be important chapters for us in 2009 and into 2010. He is faithful!

We love you all… Please feel reply to any updates or just to say hi!

Blessings and much love,

Chris, Cristina, and Madeline



  1. I loved reading your info. 2009 was really some kind of year. You sound so happy and fulfilled with your lives. Nothing makes me more happy.May God’s blessing continue to enrich your lives. Hope to see you soon.
    Aunt Debby

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