Posted by: chrisbatz | March 22, 2010

Fighting for your heart and connection with God

From “The Three Battlegrounds” -Francis Frangipane

” Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold” – Matt 24:12

I am truly struck all over again of the weighty constantly overlooked importance of forgiving (quick) and over looking weakness in people (aka sin).

Matthew 24 (Jesus Return) has been a chapter I have been studying for over 2 years now… And yet I did not quite understand the meaning of “cold love” until more recently.

At the end of the day and what supposed to mark Christianity above all over religions is our commitment to LOVE. To commitment to people with heart to love: Love meaning – that our hearts increase, our love is softer, brighter, more daring, and more visible…

Yet we live in a world that hurts, offends, persecutes, and rejects, us people all day long… its a painful world. It leaves bad memories, it wounds us, it leaves us speachless, and causes floods of tears…

Pain is a feeling we choose to allow ourselves to feel. Many people choose not feel which short circuits experiencing the highs, lows, and encounters with God and people… Feeling is critical to our walk with God and man.

So COLD LOVE develops when we shut off our hearts to people by refusing to forgive by holding bitterness, by blaming, by harboring anger, by “forming a negative opinion” about someone…

This makes our love calculated, biased, protected, and restricted…. Our ability to love people is hampered by unforgiveness. In the same very real way, when our hearts are closed or guarded to
People…. it will therefore be the same to God… A divide is created, a wall, and a therefore He pulls back…

I can identify with with this in so many ways….My heart has been crushed by the weight of outrageous pain, offense, anger, and then bitterness over the past 3-5 years…. And I find that my relationship with God has suffered…

He in His kindness has been leading me to repentance and forgiveness…and honestly has been two major practical things:!) Allowing myself to feel the pain and grieve thoroughly with lots of tears
2) To guard my mind from negative thoughts that condemn people but rather blessing those ppl in prayer instead.

So bottom line is that I (we) cannot afford to have continuous negative thoughts towards people but rather forgive quickly…. Because my relationship with the Lord suffers greatly… So learn to love extravagantly (Phil 1:9-11)

You have to fight for your heart and for your relationship with God as we near the End Times.


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