Posted by: chrisbatz | June 14, 2011

2011/2010 Book List

Hey everyone!

Its been over a year since I’ve made a post and life is pointing me back to writing again so I wanted to let you all know I’ll be making a minimum of once a week posts so you can anticipate more from me.

Okay so as obvious as the post title is, I am listing reads that have been purposeful and impacting for me over the past 12-24 months. Hope you pick up one or more and enjoy as I did.  In no particular order, here they are:

1) The Rewards of Fasting by Mike Bickle

2) Doing Business God’s Way by Dennis Peacocke

3) Wealth, Riches & Money by Hill and Pitts

4) The End of the Lawyer by Susskind

5) The Character and Greatness of Winston Churchill by Stephen Mansfield

6) The Seer by Jim Goll

7) Billionaire in Training by Brad Sugars

8) Pain, Perplexity & Promotion by Bob Sorge

9) The Fire of Delayed Answers by Bob Sorge

10) The Magic of Thinking Big by D Schwartz



  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Shall I hold you to that once per week announcement? ;o)

    I miss seeing you guys. Give your wifey a hug for me.

    • Connie,

      Yes, please hold me to it.
      We miss you and the whole posse too.

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