Posted by: chrisbatz | July 15, 2011

Keys to Heaven’s Economy by Shawn Bolz & Messages

I am devouring Shawn’s book: Key’s to Heaven’s Economy. This is a game changing book for me. I cannot look at life the same now. This is a book of the year for me. If we (you) only knew, what the Father’s desire was it would ruin you for Heaven. 

Recently I’ve been getting wrecked by some of his messages so I had to get his book where He was visited by the angel who is the Minister of Finance of Heaven. He shares about Heaven’s plans and perspectives for the earth. He shares about creative miracles and about the Lord’s desire for every sphere of society (Entertainment, business, politics, education, etc.) to have people who operate with Heaven’s mandate to bring Jesus His full inheritance.

Shawn is incredibly non-religious and refreshing. He has authentically encountered Heaven and the Father’s love. He’s carrying a mandate to provoke people for Heaven, to hunger for Heaven. May I also say that he is incredibly humble, and his language and heart always points to Jesus.

If you need to be encouraged about provision, healing, the Father’s heart, etc. Check out these things.

His website is at   He has a church in the heart of LA and Hollywood.

Read the book. Watch the video.  Listen to the posted messages.  You’re life will shift.

Book Link available at


Living Supernaturally          the Economy of Heaven

Conference Evening – On Heaven & Incredible Healing in Service

Conference Evening – On Heaven & Being Transported


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