Posted by: chrisbatz | August 22, 2011

Transformation of the Heart – Freedom

Some of you may know that Cristina and I participated in a 3 day event with Leroy Dillion, just the 3 of us recently. This was an investment in our marriage and in our hearts. It was an opportunity to get our house clean, get our hearts free, and experience true intimacy.

Like anyone else, Cristina and I walked in hurts and pains of the heart from our past and brought this into our marriage. Then while married, our first 3 years have been eventful and the honeymoon phased was quick to end. We lacked intimacy and trust in our marriage. We struggled with fear, depression, doubt, and many other common emotions when things are rocky.

But Jesus is so kind and faithful…

He said He would never leave us no forsake us. That He has come to set the captives free (Body, soul, spirit, and mind).

After 3 days with Leroy Dillion and by the awesome work of the Cross, our hearts are now set free to love without hindrance or hangup. Our houses are entirely swept clean, and we are truly free. It feels amazing! We can now say that we have fool proofed our marriage and do not have to live with hurt of our past.

We think of freedom through many different lenses. Many of us think we are free but live am impoverished life choosing to eat crumbs living emotionally empty and protected not knowing love. Rather there is a feast available before us… a feast of life filled with meaning, love and joy!

Many Christians think that since they accepted Jesus all is good. Everything will be great, and there is nothing to worry about any more. The problem with that is although we’ve accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior we’ve inherited all the consequences and hurts of sin that still need to be dealt with from our choices, the choices of others, and the choices of our family before us. The Lord still holds us responsible for that. There is so much for us on this side of Heaven! 

True freedom is embracing a lifestyle of confession, forgiveness, and repentance. This cancels the power of sin over our life. This is the power of the Cross of Christ. It’s our keys to getting free and living a full and whole life!

Do you struggle with Depression, Sadness, Anger, Bitterness, Fear, Pride, Control,  Addiction, or Guilt ?

Do struggle to trust people?  Do you long to be truly loved? Do you try to protect yourself from love?

Then this is for you. Consider contacting Leroy and Jeanne Dillion.

They are safe, professional, loving, and authentic people… It will be the best investment you will ever make! I promise!



  1. So beautiful. Can’t wait to hear more, as you all share.

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