Posted by: chrisbatz | February 12, 2012

Winter ’12 Update from the Batz Family

I wanted to give you a quick update from the Batz family here inKC. We are getting settled in our Kansas City home and routine,which seems to really take time since our move in Sept ’11. Madeline is in a Day School program two days a week. We’re fortunate to get in this particular program and it’s just 5 minutes down the road. Being that she’s a socialite extreme, we are happy to give her this outlet and for Cristina and I to actually get sometime together.

We are also considering soccer for her this spring at the Y. Will let you know if we do.Well, in an effort to have a centralized location of current pictures and videos  I wanted to invite you to check out our NEW Video and Pictures tab.

I have two videos so far of Ms. Madeline and pictures are coming shortly.

Cristina is doing well. She’s enjoying the sunny days here in our sunroom and getting her mommy quiet time as often as possible. She’s been busy with home decorating, the endless laundry,  and a lot more square feet of cleaning dust bunnies. Spring garden planning is under way. An evening class with Ancient Paths & Michelle Seidler. And her life long journey for finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans!

Also as a family we’ve enjoyed weekly organic fresh milk, beef, and chicken from a local farm, learning how to make kombucha & water kefir, and explore all the ways you can keep a toddler busy, laughing, and learning… We also are enjoying the EGS Friday night service at IHOP and our having family Shabbat. Saturdays is full pancakes, painting or other crafts, and resting. We find our selves having Saturdays everyday lately. This is changing as I step back into busy season.

I feel like I’ve been on a three month vacation. With the recruiting business slower during the holiday season, I took time to seek the Lord, ask questions, rest in His goodness, and deploy marketing strategies for the coming busy season. I am excited for what this year holds both in business but also for our family, the nation and the much foreboding of elections, world events, and other prophesied events.

The time is now to know truly who God is…to encounter Him, to know His heart, His ways, His love…To be a friend of God. To be one He can trust. He shares His secrets with His friends. To encounter the knowledge of God and not trendy slogans, not a social gospel, a wealth gospel or a safe gospel.  And not just believe what one person says or what someone has said a long time ago.

Its time to ask God to encounter our hearts.

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