About Us

We met in November 2006 at a conference in Kansas City. We began courting in March 2007, got engaged March 2008, and married July 2008. Shortly after the wedding (really shortly!) we got pregnant. Our baby girl Madeline Elisha was born April 23, 2009. We lived in Kansas City for our first year of marriage and served at the International House of Prayer (www.ihop.org).

We moved to (9/2/09) and are living in Seabrook, Texas, a suburb of Houston for the next 12 months with Cristina’s parents to save money, pay-off debt, build business and community, serve the local church, and seek the Lord. We believe we are missionaires and called by the Lord to intercede for the Houston area for things on the Lord’s heart.  May Jesus be lifted up!

Now we moved back to Kansas City (9/8/11) from Seabrook Texas to continue the journey. In KC we are focusing on community, growing the family, and  encountering the Lord in life & business. We are excited to be back but will miss our family and friends in Houston. An initiative the Lord is breathing on is The Lion Group, a legal recruiting business, I started learning about in February 2010. Its a God story that I’ll write about in a post soon. The Lord is such a wonderful Father. This next season will be much about His goodness and the adventure we are on with Him.


  1. Uncle Al!

  2. Thank you for the pics! Your wedding was beautiful…and now, your baby is sooo beautiful. What a blessing to our family!! Take good care and I look foward to seeing more family pics and pics of baby Madeline as she grows!
    God Bless!

  3. What a beautiful baby girl! I know God has something great in store for her, she may just be the one to change the world for the better. God bless and keep you in all you do.


  4. She’s beautiful, you guys!!!! Congrats to all of you. I wish you all well. Kiss the baby for me and try to get some sleep!

    Love ya,

  5. it is always good to hear from you Chris and Christina .thanks for sharing Baby Madeline photos with me .what a beautiful baby girl.i can tell you are grate parents .my Hannah now 19 got hear own apt.it happens to fast .that is my baby girl.i will pray you have a successful trip to TEX.I am still rolling for Jesus.not walking yet but have good health thank God o give him praise.by

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